Sunday, March 31, 2013

Support for HB 505

The following is a sampling of individuals and groups who support HB 505.

1.  112 Montana doctors have joined together to support HB 505.  See this link for their press release:
2.  Montanans Against Assisted Suicide has submitted 4000 plus signatures against assisted suicide into the Senate Judiciary Committee.
3.  The national disability rights group, Not Dead Yet, with members in Montana, has endorsed HB 505.  See
4.  Carol Mungas, the widow of a prominent physician who was euthanized by nurses against his will in Great Falls, has endorsed HB 505.  See 
5.  Montanans, Mike Moe and Gail Bell, with similar experiences, have endorsed HB 505.  See and
6.  The Daily Inter Lake endorsed HB 505.  See